Emergency Kit bag – Grab Bag

I know I am a planner. I try to be spontaneous but I accept that I am organised and like to plan.   I read two articles recently that made me realise that I might plan my social diary and to do list to the last second  but am I prepared when it really comes down to it?

Last year, the Big Issue published an article asking readers ‘Have We Still Got Blitz Spirit?’. Journalist Steven MacKenzie went onto explain that the air raid siren, synonymous with the Second World War, can still be heard every Friday morning in Preston at Fulwood Barracks as they test them for mortar bomb attacks.  The article includes an interview with Rosanna Briggs MBE, Chair of the National Steering Committee for Warning and Informing the Public (NSCWIP).  The Big Issue recommended a list of items that should be easy to grab in an emergency.  At the risk of sounding paranoid it thought yes, I need to put a pack like this together but of course, didn’t get round to it straight away.

A few days later, a 600ft area of Bethnal Green, next to where I live, was evacuated for 24 hours due to an unexploded Second World War bomb being unearthed by a firm of builders.  Just think, it had been living under the building in Temple Street for more than 70 years!  Residents had to leave their homes at a moment’s notice.  If the Military Personnel from the Royal Logistics corps hadn’t been able to make the bomb safe, then these residents could have lost their homes and worse, their lives.  I am sure they are very grateful to the builders who first found the bomb and 621 Squadron, 11 EOD Regiment who made the bomb safe.  You can read more about it in this East London Advertiser Article

Millions of people around the world live in a war zone and deal with high levels of threat every day and we are lucky in the UK that we live in a relatively safe environment but the discovery of the unexploded bomb and the Big Issue article made me think that we can’t rest on our laurels .  So, getting back to my days as a Brownie and Girl Guide, I am in the process of putting my emergency pack together here is what I have included so far:

  • First aid kit and manual (I’m a qualified first aider)
  • Homeopathy Kit (I’m a homeopath and always carry this with me)
  • Mobile phone and charger (although be prepared for no power or network)
  • Clean socks (dry feet?)
  • Scissors and a sewing/mending kit
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitiser and minimal toiletries.
  • Cash and credit cards (including change for a payphone)
  • Non-perishable food: Something like a sports nutrition bar would be better but I only had chocolate to hand for this photo (although this would calm me down in a crisis).

nullThe Big Issue article said a battery operated radio is important to keep in touch with advice but mine is too big to include in my bag.  I need to buy a torch too so that is on the list and include my passport and driving licence.


I’ve thought about what to keep it all in and a tin would be protective but a bit heavy if rushing out in a hurry so I’ve packed everything in a drawstring bag. I’m sure there is plenty I have forgotten and I hope that I never need this kit but I don’t think it can hurt keeping one near the door.