Are you an Executive PA looking to share ideas with other Exec PAs? Three Shots Ahead is an informal and free Executive PA Network where EAs, PAs, VAs, Admins & Office Managers can share ideas, contacts, support each other and meet like minded people. Sometimes there is only one Executive PA in a company, which can be isolating, so this network and blog has been set up for us to support each other, no matter how many other Exec PAs we work with. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a group of fantastic EAs, PAs, Admins and Office Managers during my career and I value the knowledge and friendship that we share so I’m hoping to extend this to other people. This blog is for anyone to read, not just Executive PAs, it offers ideas on how to cope with office life, reviews on restaurants and hotels, with a bit of lifestyle thrown in, as life isn’t all about work.
The Three Shots Ahead Network is growing fast! Most of the members work in London but the geography is expanding as more people join. All members are able to ask the group for advice or share an idea, so far the most popular posts have been venue ideas, favourite apps, services that deliver to offices and book reviews. Here is how to get involved.

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Why the name Three Shots Ahead? My husband says I approach work (and probably life) like a snooker player. In the world of snooker, it is a well known strategy to plan three shots ahead. Plan the shot you are taking so the ball is in the right place for the next two shots and so on. An effective Executive PA deals with what is going on around them at the same time as planning weeks and months ahead. Anyone who has worked in the role knows that you need to plan but stay flexible as events change