Hello, I’m Sarah Richards. I have extensive experience working in both the Fashion Retail Industry (Junior Buyer & EA) and Media Industry (EA). I am currently self-employed as freelance EA and Research Assistant working for a Media Chairman and a well known Author.

  • Diary management
  • Managing invoicing and expenses
  • Set up and maintenance of websites and social media accounts
  • Copywriting for newsletters, blogs and websites
  • Research – historic, competitive, or new leads – online and in libraries
  • Conducting interviews, attending interviews in person and transcribing live
  • Transcribing / typing – audio and copy typing at 75+ words per minute.
  • Travel reservations and itineraries

Find my full work experience on my LinkedIn Profile. Please get in touch to find out how I can help organise your life sarah@threeshotsahead.co.uk

Why the name Three Shots Ahead? In the world of snooker, it is a well known strategy to think three shots ahead. Plan the shot you are taking so the ball is in place for the next two shots and so on. An effective Executive PA deals with what is going on around them at the same time as planning weeks and months ahead, planning but staying flexible as events change.