March is Women’s History Month, which co-insides with International Women’s Day on the 8th March. The East End Women’s museum have collated an extensive list of events taking place around East London during March. Click Click here for the full list. I’m already booked in for the vintage wedding dress talk by Kate Thompson at the Museum of London on 31 March. I’ll be heading to Stratford to see Gillian Lawrence’s exhibition of paintings. She interviewed women in their 70’s to find out about the era of wearing headscarves in the 1950’s. I’m also interested the events at Redbridge and Hackney Libraries. East End Women’s museum was set up in response to the Jack the Ripper Museum opening in Whitechapel. Founders Sarah Jackson and Sarah Huws were so angry when they found out the application for a Women’s museum was in fact an excuse to cash in on a serial killer who attacked women they decided to set up their own museum. Sign up for their newsletter to keep up with their progress.